quinta-feira, 9 de março de 2017

Não existe nada melhor do que ver os nossos filhos a lerem juntos!

Ilustração de 1920

Já passei pela experiência deliciosa de ver a minha filha mais velha (agora com 16 anos) a ler aos irmãos mais novos (agora com 10 anos). Já faz algum tempo mas a memória feliz fica. E ainda mais incrível foi contar uma história dialogada a duas vozes, eu e a minha filha mais velha a encarnar as personagens para os meus filhos mais novos. Ler também faz parte do que é uma família feliz.
Aqui fica o testemunho de um pai, Matthew Paul Turner, também autor de livros infantis:

"A few nights ago, my oldest child, Elias — he’s eight — decided that he was going to read a picture book to his siblings, 5-year-old Adeline and 2-year-old Ezra. I grinned as Elias’s face beamed with pride. Sitting on the couch, sandwiched between a curious kindergartner and ornery toddler, he opened the book and, with a concise and happy tone, he started reading. He didn’t get two pages into the story before Ezra started pointing at various spots on the pages and saying, “dog” or “cat” or “baby.” At first, Elias acknowledged Ezra’s ability to identify objects in the story with head nods and words of affirmation, but there were just too many dogs in the story for him to keep doing it. And then, on three occasions, Adeline heard a word or phrase and interjected, “What does that mean?” Elias explained to the best of his ability, which seemed to satisfy Adeline. Though Elias did finish the story, by the end, he was speed reading, Adeline was irritated because her fourth question was ignored, and Ezra was doing his best to try tear the corners off the pages of the book, still saying “dog, dog, dog, dog”.

But even though the moment ended in a bit of chaos, it was still a beautiful experience to watch all three of my kids engaging with the same book — Elias displaying his confidence in his reading ability, Adeline eagerly expressing herself with questions (and then frustration), and Ezra seeking affirmation for being able to identify objects in the book. All of them were expressing a certain amount self-confidence in that moment, a moment that only happened because Elias chose to read a picture book".

Este é só um excerto. Leia o resto do artigo AQUI.

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