terça-feira, 7 de novembro de 2017

"The Most Magnificent Thing": a minha review

"The Most Magnificent Thing", de Ashley Spires foi-me cedido pela Netgalley e pelo editor  para que eu fizesse uma apreciação honesta deste livro. Não há de momento edição em português. Publiquei a minha opinião na Amazon e no Goodreads com 4/5 estrelas e a seguinte "review":

"Congratulations to the author who was both the writer and the illustrator and has done a great job. The lesson in this book may seem easy and simplified for kids but it is a good reminder for grown-ups too (mainly me😊): don’t stress, let go of perfectionism and, if you are stuck, take a break, go for a walk to distance yourself from your work. When you come back you will have reinforced your creativity, gained clarity and a new perspective on the problem. Solutions will come easily. Don’t be too demanding or critical about yourself. It may affect your self-esteem.

The text has just the right amount of words to convey its meaning and the illustrations, with the neutral background where the characters in bright colors pop up, are lively and attractive. Loved the little dog. Children who have a “dog friend” are lucky kids. This is a short meaningful book “for all the little perfectionists of the world”.

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