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"Is A Worry Worrying You?": a minha resenha de um livro para crianças preocupadas e ansiosas (e para pais que querem ajudá-las)

"Is A Worry Worrying You?", de Ferida Wolff e Harriet May Savitz, com ilustrações de Marie Letourneau, foi-me cedido pela Netgalley e pelo editor, para que eu fizesse uma apreciação honesta deste livro. Não há de momento edição em português.

Publiquei a minha opinião no Goodreads com 5/5 estrelas e a seguinte "review":

"This is a good book to cheer up an anxious child, worried about real things like something at school, with her friends, in her family or some imaginary danger…

The worry/anxiety is personified by a stubborn monster who insists on being on every page.

The authors teach readers how to overcome worries giving solutions to silly situations/worries. Through humor children learn how to deal with their worries, real or imaginary. (But we have to be careful so that the child doesn’t think we are making fun of her worries).

Illustrations are dark and a bit spooky without losing their humorous feature. They make perfect sense and complement perfectly the text. I like that the text starts with a simple definition of worry, easy for the child to understand.

Never underestimate children’s anxieties as unimportant or simple nonsense. Grab this book, read it with them and talk about what a worry is and how to deal with it. To talk about it is the most important thing. Don’t let them alone with their fears. Help them solve them. Start with this book.

Adult worriers can also gain from reading it: an inevitable smile and some simple truth can´t harm anyone.

I received this book as an eARC from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for my honest review".

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